CCTV and Intruder Alarms


Unfortunately crime is on the rise and can happen to anyone at any time. 

Security for the home is becoming increasingly popular and effective deterrents offer round the clock protection giving you complete peace-of mind.   Whether it’s a PIR motion detector alarm, a single CCTV camera, an all singing all dancing intruder alarm, hard wired or wireless, we can help you.   Our experienced technicians will talk you through the various types of alarms that are available and the one best suited for you.

We also offer a 24/7; monitoring service.  This is connected via a digital or analogue phone line or a mobile can also be used, and you require an internet connection. This service enables your system to signal an alarm activation to a designated key holder or to an Alarm Receiving Centre who in turn will call the emergency services as required.

It’s also really important to ensure your intruder system is regularly maintained in good working order so that any problems can be resolved before they become an issue.  This of course in turns ensures that you continue to protect your property and valuables while at the same time complying with your buildings and contents insurance terms and conditions.

A maintenance contract with Grampian Fire and Safety can be tailored to suit your requirements and guarantees a response call out time within 4 hours.

To discuss your security requirements further please get in touch today 01224 744446