Hose Reels

Hose Reels

Fixed, Swinging and Recessed

Available in manual & automatic operations at sizes of 19 & 25mm

They are easy to install, maintain and service and are simple to operate

They accommodate 30m of 25mm or 19mm bore hose and are easy to service

A jet spray nozzle is included with all models and are Epoxy Polyester powder coated for a high quality finish

The beaded hose guides on fixed reels which allows the hose to be drawn out easily in any direction

Gate valves are also available separately

Tubing and Accessories

We can also supply a range of high quality hose reel tubing approved to EN 694 standards

Hoses complying with this standard are intended for applications where long intervals can occur between the occasions of use, e.g. on fixed fire hose reels in buildings and other construction works

The standard applies exclusively to delivery hoses intended for use at ambient conditions in non-aggressive atmospheres within the temperature range or -20c to +60c

We have a wide range of accessories for our hose reels that can be supplied at competitive rates

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We can also supply a range of pedestals to accommodate a fixed, swinging or recessed hose reel.

They are manufactured from a 5mm thick steel plate and are coated in post office red Epoxy polyester power stove paint